CNC boring machine DG520G

Economic, practical Boring Processing

■ The machine is consisted of machine base, column, a spindle box (slide), fixtures, chip and other components.

■ Spindle box and boring tool movement are driven by servo motors, ball screws and linear guide.

■ Spindle rotation is diven by spindle motor via a timing belt.

■ Fxied type of fixture on the table, with unloading cylinder to pull out the workpiece after boring.

■ Achieve broing process through spindle tool’s rotation and reciprocation up and down.

■ Overall shelled machine for large flow cooling machining, which can effectively ensure the boring accuracy.

Maximum bore diameter Φ100mm~Φ150mm
Headstock vertical stroke 600mm
Maximum boring depth 480mm
Spindle connection type Disc connection
Spindle axis to surface distance rail 400mm
Maximum distance from spindle and worktable 1200mm
Minimum distance from spindle and worktable 600mm
Feed motor power 3.6KW
Feed motor torque 57.5Nm
Leadscrew 10mm
Rapid feed rate 15m/min
Spindle speed range 20-1500rpm
Feed rate range 0.01-10mm/r
Spindle motor power 7.5KW
Maximum spindle torque 140Nm
CNC system KND
Hydraulic unit Integrated hydraulic station
Chip cooling system Chip conveyor chain plate
Lubrication unit centralized automatic lubrication
Pneumatic unit Standard pneumatic control system
Precision IT7
Chucking clamping mode Down pressure of the hydraulic clamp, self-centering mechanism, pneumatic pouches hold
Machine guard Full enclosed guard
Work lamp Energy saving lamp
Machine noise <75db
Machine color Base: green; other: green
Total power of machine 10KVA
Net weight of machine 6700KG
Overall dimensions (L×W×H) 2134×2160×3550mm

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