CNC Honing Machine EDHM18 Series

High speed, high performance honing processing

■ Machine body frame use gantry type, ensures the high rigidity and stability.

■ High quality grey cast iron base guarantes good vibration absorbing ability.

■ Machine base using separate water tank design, user-friendly design for cleaning up sediment.

■ High performance hydraulic servo technique which is a closed-loop control of position and speed is used for spindle reciprocation. Therefore infinite variable speed and quick response speed are realized.

■ Honing extension system is in hydraulic double-feed design, in which constant pressure closed-loop control is ensured.

■ The machine table is duplex hydraulic rotary table, single axis duplex position mode, the work auxiliary time is zero.

■ The machine is controlled by high-performance motion controller, stable and reliable operation.

■ Integrated platform, with TFT liquid crystal color touch panel.

■ Intermittent oil lubrication system, to extend the service life of the sliding member.

Honing diameter Φ70mm~Φ160mm Φ70mm~Φ180mm
Max. spindle reciprocating stroke 600mm 800mm
Max. honing depth 380mm 460mm
Spindle rotation mode Inverter motor,with reducer Servo spindle motor,with reducer
Range of spindle speed 10-300r/min
Spindle reciprocation mode Hydraulic servo open-loop control Hydraulic servo loop control
Spindle reciprocating speed 2.5-30m/min
Honing head feed mode Hydraulic proportional constant pressure double feed
Max. stroke of coarse feed thrust bar 30mm
Table dirve mode Hydraulic rotary table/*Power rotary table/*Autoline Mobile workstations/*Autoline
Number of stations in table Rotary table :2    Autoline:1 Multi-station
Table indexing time Hydraulic rotary table: 4.5s / power rotary table: 2.81s According feed rate
Positioning accuracy of table Hydraulic rotary table:±4“ / power rotary table:±30” 0.01mm
Dimension of table Φ650mm Φ720mm 400X1000mm
honing accuracy Cylindricity:≤0.01mm ,Roughness:Ra0.2 μm
CNC system OMRON PLC SIEMENS Motion Controller
Hydraulic unit 11KW double variable pump, oil cooler
Cooling unit Separate tank, magnetic drum 2-stage paper filter, constant temperature cooling system , with oil cooler
Lubrication unit Centralized ration auto lubrication
Pneumatic unit Standard pneumatic control system with air filtration devices
Measuring system On-line measuring from CHINA On-line measuring system from Tokyo, Japan
Honing head and connection rod Double-feed honing head, controllable extension/retraction pressure of honing sticks in different stages
Honing chucking Up-and-down movable rubber sleeve inclusive jig,Optional clamping cylinder
Chucking clamping mode Coolant controlled by pneumatic triple valves, clamped through rubber sleeve /Cylinder compressed
Coolant valve control mode ON/OFF is controlled by pneumatic triple valves
Machine guard Full enclosed guard
Work lamp Energy saving lamp
Machine noise <75db
Machine color Base: dark grey; other: white
Total power of machine 30KVA
Net weight of machine Approx 9500KG
Overall dimensions (L×W×H) 1760×2450×5665 mm

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