CNC Econimic Honing Machine EDHM16C Series

Economic and reliable honing processing

■ Spindle reciprocation controlled by hydraulic servo, with infinite variable speed and quick response.

■ The spindle is driven by a inverter motor, can achieve infinite variable speed.

■ Honing extension system is in hydraulic double-feed design, in which constant pressure control is ensured by use of hydraulic proportion controlling.

■ Variable pump is used in hydraulic unit. Cooling is forced by it, which guarantees constant temperature oil.

■ Circulation cooling is used in the cooling system. Magnetic-separating two-stage paper filter ensures clean honing fluid. Forced cooling is supplied by oil cooler so that the honing fluid is always kept in optimum temperature.

■ The machine can equip with an on-line metering and measuring system, which ensures consistency of honing tolerances.

■ The machine is controlled by high-performance programmable logic controller with TFT touch panel.

Honing diameter Φ60m~Φ160mm
Max. spindle reciprocating stroke 550mm
Max. honing depth 320mm
Spindle rotation mode Inverter motor,with reducer Servo motor,with reducer
Range of spindle speed 10-250r/min
Spindle reciprocation mode Hydraulic proportional servo control, stepless speed regulation Servo motor and ball screw transmission
Spindle reciprocating speed 2.5-25m/min
Honing head feed mode Hydraulic proportional constant pressure double feed Servo motor, constant torque control
Max. stroke of coarse feed thrust bar 30mm
   Table dirve mode Hydraulic rotary table Traverse table
Number of stations in table 2 Programmable
Table indexing time 4.5s Programmable
Positioning accuracy of table ±4“ 0.01mm
Dimension of table Φ650mm 400X1000mm
honing accuracy Cylindricity:≤0.01mm ,Roughness:Ra0.2 μm
Hydraulic unit double variable pump, oil cooler Integrated hydraulic unit
Cooling unit Separate tank, magnetic drum 2-stage paper filter, constant temperature cooling system ,optional with oil cooler
Lubrication unit Centralized ration auto lubrication
Pneumatic unit Standard pneumatic control system, optional with air filtration devices
Measuring system On-line measuring from CHINA
Honing head and connection rod Double-feed honing head, controllable extension/retraction pressure of honing sticks in different stages
Honing chucking Press type oil cylinder, Optional rubber sleeve hold fixture
Chucking clamping mode Face down press,Optional pneumatic rubber clamping
Machine guard Semi-closed guard
Work lamp Energy saving lamp
Machine noise <75db
Machine color Base: dark grey; other: white
Total power of machine 25KVA
Net weight of machine Approx 6000KG
Overall dimensions (L×W×H) 970×1630×4600mm

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