CNC Honing Machine Servo Motor EDHM13T

Precise and efficient cylinder honing processing

■ Machine body adopts high strength cast iron castings, with twice aging treatment.

■ High rigidity and  high precision linear slide guide and ball screw, ensure machine’s high precision stability.

■ Double axis structure, interval adjustment bwteen two-axis is controlled by servo motor.

■ The rotation of the spindle, reciprocating, collapsible feeding adopts servo motor control, ensure the 

precise control of position, speed, torque.

■ Can Process accurate pattern, to meet special honing requirements, such as blind hole honing, and large pattern angle.

■ According to the set angle and spindle speed to control the stroke speed, enabling precise pattern processing.

■ Feeding  is driven by servo motor plus ball screw, can accurately realize micro feeding, workpiece dimension

can achieve micron level easily.

■ The machine adopts automatic loading and unloading device, to reduce labor cost.

Honing diameter Φ60m~Φ130mm
Max. spindle reciprocating stroke 500mm
Headstock stroke lateral movement 600mm 500mm
Max. honing depth 280mm
Number of cylinder hole 6
Number of honing head 1 2
Spindle rotation mode Servo motor,with reducer
Range of spindle speed 10-360r/min
Spindle reciprocation mode Servo motor, screw pitch 10mm, high strength rail line
Spindle reciprocating speed 2.5-30m/min
Honing head feed mode Dual constant torque servomotor Feed
Max. stroke of coarse feed thrust bar 30mm
   Table dirve mode Manual / automatic transmission lines
Honing accuracy Cylindricity:≤0.02mm ,Roughness:Ra0.2 μm
CNC system OMRON PLC,SIEMENS Motion controller
Cooling unit Separate tank, magnetic drum 2-stage paper filter, constant temperature cooling system ,optional with oil cooler
Lubrication unit Centralized ration auto lubrication
Pneumatic unit Standard pneumatic control system, optional with air filtration devices
Measuring system On-line measuring system from Tokyo, Japan
Honing head and connection rod Dual feed honing head, honing scrub position sizing torque rating controllable
Honing chucking Press type oil cylinder
Chucking clamping mode A pin on both sides, face down pressure
Machine guard Closed guard
Work lamp Energy saving lamp
Machine noise <75db
Machine color Base: dark grey; other: white
Total power of machine 15KVA 30KVA
Net weight of machine Approx 4500KG Approx 13000KG
Overall dimensions (L×W×H) 1350×2020×3730mm 1730×2020×3730mm

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