Cylinder Liner Lathers

High rigidity, high efficiency lathe machines

■ GT32 Liner lathe machine is for Cylinder Liner bulk cylindrical machining

■ It can machining cylindrical and end at one. Machining diameter Φ80-Φ320 mm, working length 400mm (single-pole)

■ The whole machine adopts high-strength cast iron seismic bed, inlaid steel rails

■ High rigidity through-hole type frequency spindle, two tranches of gear, stepless gear inside

■ Double tools structure, hydraulic drive, vertical discharge, multi-knife cutting at the same time, ensure high rigidity for roughing, high efficiency, smooth chip removal.

■ Use high-precision hydraulic control valve, precise control of turning feed

■ Loading and unloading device easy to operate, reduce labor intensity

■ PLC control, with a smooth start, brake quickly, high output torque, easy to operate

■ Mechanical, electrical, hydraulic integration of the overall design, automatic chip removal, full protection, very competitive.

Item GT32
Max. swing over bed Φ400mm
Max. swing over slide Φ320mm
Max. turning dia. of cylinder liner Φ320mm(Φ80-Φ320mm)
Max. turning length of cylinder liner 400mm(Single tool)
Range of spindle speed 100-500r/min
Steps of speed Two tranches, within the variable speed gear
Spindle nose A1-11
Upper tool rest longitudinal stroke 400mm
Upper tool rest longitudinal rapid traverse 4m/min
Upper tool rest cross stroke 125mm
Upper tool rest cross rapid traverse 4m/min
Lower tool rest cross stroke 70mm
Lower tool rest cross rapid traverse 4m/min
Tailstock model Live top structure
Tailstock longitudinal cylinder diameter 50mm
Tailstock longitudinal cylinder stroke 215mm
Tailstock cylinder transverse diameter 35mm
Tailstock transverse cylinder stroke 130mm
Tool size 25X25mm
Electrical Control System Fuji PLC
Hydraulic system Variable pump, optional oil cooler
Air source 0.4Mpa
Lubrication system Centralized ration auto lubrication
Machine guard Full-closed guard
Working lamp Energy saving lamp
Noise <75db
Color Base: dark grey; other: white
Total Power 35KVA
Net weight 7500KG
Machine overall (L × W × H) 2840×1680×2020mm

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