Honing Machine for small diameter EDHM06S

High speed and precision honing processing

■Machine body adopts high strength cast iron castings, with twice aging treatment.

■The spindle rotating, reciprocating, and collapsible feeding controlled by servo motor, ensure the 

precise control of position, speed, and torque.

■The machine can meet the special honing requirements such as blind hole honing, big honing amount, quick honing etc.

■According to the set angle and spindle speed to control the stroke speed, enabling precise pattern.

■Feeding controlled by servo motor plus ball screw, can accurately realize micro feeding, which ensures workpiece dimension

 achieve micron level.

■High-performance controller based on the development of accurate and reliable honing proprietary system, visualization, human-machine interface, easy to operate.

■Coolant through multi-stage filtration to ensure the stability and ccuracy of workpieces.

Honing diameter Φ10mm~Φ60mm
Max. spindle reciprocating stroke 200mm
Max. honing depth 100mm
Spindle number 1 2
Distance of lower end of spindle to table 230-530mm
Distance of spindle center to column 290mm
Spindle motor power Servo motor(3.7KW)
Range of spindle speed 10-2000r/min
Spindle reciprocation mode Servo motor,ball screw,Line rail(Option:hydraulic servo)
Spindle reciprocating speed 2.5-25m/min
Tools feed mode Servo motor constant torque feed(Option:hydraulic constant pressure)
Max. stroke of feed thrust bar 30mm
Min feed unit 0.0001mm
Coolant pump flow 25L/min
Coolant tank capacity 100L
Lubrication unit Centralized ration auto lubrication
Pneumatic unit Standard pheumatic control
Measuring system Option: Measuring system from Tokyo
Honing tool Single-feed honing head, controllable extension/retraction dimension of honing sticks in different stages
Honing fixture Self-positioning universal fixture
Chucking clamping mode Manual(Option:Pneumatic)
Machine guard Closed guard
Work lamp Energy saving lamp
Noise <75db
Color Base: dark grey; other: white
Total power 15KVA 25KVA
Net weight 3000KG 4500kg
Overall dimensions (L×W×H) 1470×1200×2620mm 1470×1550×2620mm

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