Honing machine renew remanufacturing service Gerhing, Nagel

Recycling, energy conservation and environmental protection

■ Spind reciprocation movement is controlled by high performance hydraulic proportion technology. Therefore reciprocation speed can achieve infinite variable speed and quick response.

■ The spindle is driven by a inverter motor, can achieve infinite variable speed.

■ Honing extension system is in hydraulic double-feed design, in which constant pressure control is ensured.

■ Variable pump is used in hydraulic unit. Forced cooling is supplied for hydraulic unit, which guarantees constant temperature oil.

■Circulation cooling is used in the cooling system. Magnetic-separating filter ensures clean honing fluid. Forced cooling is supplied by oil cooler so that the honing fluid is always kept in optimum temperature.

■Flexible ways of fixture type, can design according to customers requirement.

■The machine is equipped with an on-line measuring system, which ensures consistency of honing tolerances.

■The machine is controlled by high-performance programmable logic controller with TFT color touch panel.


EADE can provide honing machine renew/remanufacturing service according to client’s requirements. If you have an very old honing machines, which may produced 20 or 30 years ago, then we update them with our professional technology and skills. Like:

■ Adding CNC system

■ Deisgn it with automatic loading and unloading functions

■ Adding seperated hydraulic unit

■ Adding cooling and filtration functions

■ Adding touching screen for easy operation

■ Adding on-line measuring devices to ensure the workpiece accuracy

■ Cleaning and reoil all machine components

■ Repainting it, etc…


After re-new job, the machine will be re-life. It’s the best way to save cost compared with buying new machines. We have been succeed in remanufacturing many honing machine brand such as Nagel, Gerhing, MB, etc… If you have interests on it, please feel free to contact.

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